Deadline Reminder Service

Newspaper production involves a complex process of preparing advertisements, laying them out in a newspaper format (pagination), converting them to an electronic format suitable for printing, then printing and collating the newspaper, and finally distributing it to the outlets where they are sold. While these processes are extremely efficient, there is significant time required to achieve all these milestones. To meet these milestones each newspaper sets deadlines on the submission of advertising. There are generally two deadlines involved in getting your advertisement into the newspaper. The first deadline is known as the booking deadline. This deadline represents the minimum time before publication that we are able to book a space for our advertisement to appear in. The second, and usually later deadline, is known as the material deadline. This is the minimum time before publication that we are permitted to send the advertisement artwork through to the newspaper.

These deadlines will determine the soonest that we can place an advertisement into a given newspaper. Our booking software allows you to investigate the deadlines that apply to the newspaper that you are considering using. Clients need to be aware that is usually impossible to cancel a booked advertisement once the booking deadline has passed. This is a very important consideration, and sufficient time needs to be allowed for to create the advertisement artwork, to ensure the material deadline can be met.

We are expert at guiding our clients through these deadlines and will provide a reminder service where we email and phone clients to make them aware of impending deadlines.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how deadlines work or to enquire as to how our service might make navigating newspaper deadlines easier for you.

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