Basic Production Service

How do I make my advertisement? You have a number of options available to you to have your advertisement put together constructed. It is important to realise that it is not possible to publish a Microsoft word file into a newspaper. Generally newspapers want ‘print ready’ PDF files that conform to certain technical parameters. There are many parameters that must be correct but some common ones are:

1.Images usually need to be 150dpi resolution at the size that they are going to be published. Screen grabs from your computer and low resolution images will be rejected by the newspaper. For larger advertisements it means that your image file needs to be in the megabyte range, not the kilobyte range

2.Color has many formats the most common of which are RGB and CMYK. Computer images are stipulated in RGB, but newspapers require CMYK color formatting. All colours in your file need to be CMYK format including images, logos and text. Another colour specification – spot colours, are also generally not permitted when you book a full colour advertisement.

3. Ink weight is a measure of how much ink the imagery in your advertisement will require to be printed. The paper used in newspapers has a maximum amount of ink that it can hold. This parameter must also be controlled for in final material

4. Fonts must be of a certain structure called postscript to be used in newspapers. Other font types that are available in personal computer applications, are not accepted by newspapers.

If you do not have specialized knowledge in advertisement production and design it can be useful having a graphic designer or production artist put together your advertisement. We generally offer basic advertisement design free of charge when client’s book their media through us. We will also check your material (called pre-flighting) to make sure it will pass the newspapers quality control. We usually require an hour or so to have your advertisement made and approved. Its one of the great advantages in utilizing our service in that you can book your newspaper space and have your advertisement made and approved within an hour or so. Don’t hesitate to call upon our expertise.

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