Creating your own Press Ads account is the best way to manage your newspaper advertising.

Within your account you will find many functions that assist you in staying organised by documenting your advertising history and allowing you to manage each advertisement from request through to publication

Functionality within your account includes

A complete history archive of

  • -incompleted jobs
  • - active jobs
  • - published jobs
  • - cancelled jobs
  • - proof jobs

For all your jobs you can:

  • - review order summary based on each job booking
  • - cancel booked jobs (before booking deadline is exceeded)
  • - request a refund for a cancelled job
  • - review your advertisement proof and request alterations through to approval
  • - review incomplete jobs and request further actions
  • - delete Incomplete jobs

Additionally you can:

  • - Update your own profile
  • - Change your password
  • - Update your contact info details.
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