What Factors Effect Cost

Newspaper advertisements are costed according to a number of factors. 1. Position: The more prime the position of your advertisement, the more it is likely to cost. The front page and to a lesser extent, the back page are often the most expensive positions to advertise in within a newspaper. These positions are read by almost the entire readership of a newspaper. Very early pages very often carry a price premium. Other times it is possible to obtain a prime position without paying more. Having your advertisement appear in a relevant section to the demographic you are targeting may not attract a premium. For instance your product or service may appeal to male readers who coincidently also like the newspaper sports pages. Women are more likely to read entertainment news, so placing your advertisement in these pages may be effective. If you know your audience then effective positioning of your advertisement is possible.

2. Color: Color advertisements are usually more expensive than mono advertisements. Sometimes newspapers also offer a spot color option where you can use a single color within your advertisement. The use of color may or may not be effective. On a newspaper page where other ads are mono, then color can stand out and offer value. However on a page where everything is color, often a mono advertisement can be as effective. When paying for color it is most important to consider closely the design of your advertisement. Without a design that takes advantage of color, many times you are better to save your money and choose mono.

3. Size: The larger your advertisement the more it will cost. The effective use of space is therefore one of the most important aspects to consider in getting the most out of newspaper advertising. The use of specifically purposed fonts and clever design can save you money and generate greater response. The unit of size measurement depends upon the publication with the majority using the ‘column centimeter’, which is a space precisely one column width across and one centimeter deep. These papers will charge a set amount for every column cm space your advertisement occupies. Other papers have sell their space in quarter, half and full pages, and still others use a modular format to break up their pages. Seeking advice from an expert in sizing your advertisement is highly recommended. .

5. Publishing day: Some newspapers are only published on one day per week, but most are published on several. Daily newspapers are published on each day of the week. In these cases the Saturday or Sunday edition usually have the highest readership and are most expensive. It is important to note that other days while equally priced, are not equally as effective. Most times the Wednesday edition will be the second most effective day to advertise. Placing your advertisement on the day that is likely to give you the most effective result is very important. Seek advice on what days the publication you are considering will best serve you.

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